how to care for your crystals

The Beginner's Crystal Guide

What are crystals?

Crystals are formed when atoms are arranged into a pattern of symmetrically arranged faces - making them especially beautiful to us :)

Crystals are not rocks (which are made from several different minerals combined).

How do you care for crystals?

Cleansing: Submerge your crystal into sea salt or smudge with sage to get rid of unwanted energy.

Charging: Lay you crystals out in full sunlight and/or during a full/new moon. Use other crystals (such as clear quartz) to enhance or cleanse the crystal.

(Clear quartz charging selenite palm stones)

How do you use crystals?

  1. Hold the crystal in your left hand (your left hand is your receiving side).
  2. Stand into natural light.
  3. Program your crystal for it's specific use and purpose through your personal manifestations and envisioning. 
  4. Optional - Carry your crystals around through out the day as jewelry or in your bag/pocket to energize them. You can also leave them under your sleeping pillow at night.

The Info Guide For Something Soothing Co's Crystals (2023)

Where is the origin of each crystal? 

  • Strawberry Quartz Bears - Tanzania
  • Malachite Mushrooms - Zambia
  • Jade Rabbits - South Africa
  • Obsidian Moons - Mexico
  • Obsidian Deers- Mexico
  • Tigers Eye Acorns - Brazil
  • Amethyst Frogs - Brazil
  • Fire Quartz Towers- Madagascar
  • Black Agate Towers- Madagascar

What does each crystal help heal?

  • Strawberry Quartz - Joy & Celebration
  • Malachite - Change & Courage
  • Jade - Benevolence & Compassion 
  • Obsidian - Protection & Grounding
  • Tigers Eye - Clarity & Willpower
  • Amethyst - Cleansing & Purifying
  • Fire Quartz - Self Worth & Self Esteem
  • Black Agate - Cleanse & Stabilize
  • Flower Agate - Growth and Joy

(Jade Rabbits from South Africa)